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2011 Nov. 30 Added Pete Brady's frog-ku, uploaded the Basho-ki 2011, Basho-ki Basho page with several links, Basho-ki Links with the FWHS facebook link, and uploaded What's New page Nov. 28 Sent the link to WHCworkshop list, to Susan Vogal Taylor for her poetry list, Added a counter to the Basho-ki front page. Working on getting the Basho-ki Pages on Japanese Literature WebRing Worked on adding links to Basho-ki Basho Bio page, Working on adding content to Basho-ki Frog Fun page, Jody Lynn Nye sent a frog haiku, I added it to the 2011 page, but needs uploaded Nov. 27 THE COMPLETE BASHO-KI PAGES ARE BACK UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!!! There is a total of 26 pages. We finally got a blog to work for us, so that is a new addition to the basho-ki pages. The Basho Bio and Frog Fun page will have additional content added later. Nov. 25 Shortly before midnight the basho-ki 2011 page was online. It took a while due to some computer difficulties, but it is up now! I sent out the link to all the 2011 basho-ki haijin to look over. Nov. 20 - 9:30OM - I started on the basho-ki 2011 webpage. 2:00AM - finished the basho-ki 2011 webpage. Currently Basho-ki 2011 contains 39 frog haiku from 22 haijin It still needs up loaded. 3:14AM - I worked on updating the What's New page Nov. 10 - Having a couple of problems getting the name I want on Tripod Nov. 8 - I decided to go with Tripod, since it's been around forever. Working on the basho-ki Index page. I checked into Blogger. but I was having lots of problem with it. August 22 - Sent out an email: I had the basho-ki pages from 1997 to 2008 when AOL got rid of their hometown ftp space. I am in a somewhat better place now and am looking for a home for the basho-ki pages. Currently I have 25 pages: Homepage Basho Bio Frog Fun What's New 1997 1998 1999 - Margaret-ki (ki pages are memorial pages) 2000 2001 Helen Jones' Class 2002 2003 Helen Jones' Class 2004 2005 Gabi haiku Susan V. Taylor haiku 2006 2007 - Arthur-ki Helen Jones' Class 2008 - Year Of The Frog 2009 - Helen-ki 2010 - Coke-ki 2011 Links I am thinking Blogger or Live Journal APRIL 29 - 2011 - I started asking poeple for Frog Haiku for the 2011 Haiku Page along with the following: "Bre and I are pretty sure we are going to get a domain name and put back up my Basho ki page as well as silk tree, the FWHS website."
2010 I crreated a coke-ki haiga August 5, 2010 - Coke Reed Brown died
2009 May 23, 2010 Helen S. Jones died
2008 AOL deleated their ftp space, closing down all AOL webpages. AOL Hometown/FTP is closing Oct. 31Here's the text of the letter: "Dear AOL Hometown/FTP user,¨We're sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31,
2008, AOL Hometown and FTP will be shut down permanently. We sincerely
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Though you will be able
to modify your Hometown site and access FTP until this date, we urge you
to save your AOL Hometown/FTP content immediately, and consider other
options for hosting your site. In the meantime, please bookmark the People Connection Blog, where
you can find out more about AOL Hometown/FTP. You can also subscribe
to the People Connection Blog RSS feed to stay informed about any
changes. We'll be updating the People Connection Blog often, so
please check it regularly. Thank you for your patience and understanding
as we make this transition. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." I am planning on having a Contest entering all the frog-ku that has been submitted,
a frog ku Reading on basho-ki, Nov. 25, 2008 hopefully at the Japanese Garden or Fort
Worth Zoo or some similar place and maybe an basho-ki anthology. I am really looking forward to this year!!! It's the 10th anniversary of the website and we have lots of things planned!
2007 I created an Arthur-ki page for my father. Arthur Roberts, my father died.
2006 June 24 - Massive work! I created the Basho-ki Basho page, Since people are quoting my site I thought I would spruce it up and give more information on Basho, frogs and haiku. I created the Links page, taking off Cliff's Haiku Frogpond from the Index and putting it on the Links page with HSA site, Southwest Region, and Fort Worth Haiku Society. Created a Frog page for Silly non-haiku frog stuff and I moved What Kind Of Frog Are You from th Index page to the Frog page. I counted all of the people who have submitted frog haiku and I have 138 counting the 16 students. I will count the haikai later. I rearranged the front page, putting all the regular basho-ki pages under the hearing frog gif instead of using the .gif as the link. This streamlines it and uses less space. I put margaret-ki and Helen Jones' two class pages under basho-ki specialy pages and moved the mail eating frog link to the bottom of the page. June 23 - I finished tweaking the 2005 basho-ki page and the Gabi and Susan V. Taylor pages. June 22 - Found Scott Metz frog haiku on The Skipping Stones and requested it. Found my files for basho-ki 2005. Requested Frog-ku from Yajushi. Yajushi is thinking about using the frog-ku for a contest. June 18 - Made the Official basho-ki request based off Poet's Market entries. June 15 - Requested frog haiku from Robert Wilson. Requested tadpole haiku from Melanie Alberts.
2005 November 20 - Recieved more frog haiku including more from Susan so
I will make personal pages for people who send more than 3 frogku
Which I had considered last year. November 19 - Presented a Basho program for the Fort Worth Haiku Society
and had them write a frog haiku and asked if I could use them on
Basho-ki 2005. Sent out FROG HAIKU REQUEST to various list and people. Worked on Basho-ki 2005 page. Already received some Frog-ku from Susan V. Taylor and Gabi. November 15 - Realized it was already the 15th and I had not even
started working on basho-ki2005 due to illnesses, both family and
personal, job shifting, fluctuating relationship and residence.

2004 Basho's 360th Anniversary Haiku Web Contest
Shiki Monthly Kukai - April 2004 FROG results Monday April 26, 2004 Ohayo, Beginning June 2004, I will take on my haigô. I have been thinking
about this for some time. The name has not been the decision. I
have known the name since I thought about using a haigô. The
question had been, "Should I?" The answer came from this webpage:
June 2004, I will be starting a new phase in my life. I will be
stepping down as President of the Fort Worth Haiku Society, to let
Brenda take on the job (since she has been helping me do it for the
last year anyway). I will also be taking steps to become "official"
and get basho-ki listed in Poets Market.
Since I have been continuing my basho-ki page which I started in
1998, and asking everyone for frog related haikai, it's not
difficult to guess that I will begin to sign haikai and related
correspondences as "kawazu." Kawazu is not the common word for
frog, that is "kaeru." Kawazu is said to be the literary word, and since I am signing it to my poetry I thought this worked best, plus I like the sound of kawazu more than I do kaeru, and it is the form that Basho used.


April 6 - Started work on the 2004 page
March 20 - Got some frog-ku from various members of the Haiku
Society of America when we (the Fort Worth Haiku Society) hosted
their Spring Meeting.

2003 This year there has been a few new changes. The first one is not
for the 2003 page, but the index. You may notice that I now have
a picture of the basho statue at the top of the page. I still use
the Chinese frog scroll on most pages.
Also there is, of course, this "what's new" page with the listening
frog link. The recent addition of the 1999 page. My mother died that year and
I did not do a basho-ki, but I was tired of having that year
skipped, so I wrote a frog-ku in Mom's memory. You will notice the
differences in the look of that page. I admit here my first frog-ku
idea that made me create the 1999 page was in the blackest humor:
no basho-ki page ~ my mother has croaked like a frog. Good sense, and taste, prevailed though. At least I can laugh about it now. On the 2003 page the major difference was the haiga at the top
and bottom and the rest of the submissions are in alphabetical
order according to the haijin's name. This makes it is easier to find
a particular name, than just scanning through them at random. I
decided against putting an alpha index to click right to the letter,
so everyone would at least veiw some of the other frog-ku instead
of just reading their own. :)
I am also very happy to recieve frog-ku from fantasy writer Lynn
Abbey and Peirs Anthony.
I finally included my results of the What Kind Of Frog Are You?
test and a link to the site. Just remember to hit your back button
to come back to basho-ki.
Please e-mail me with any comments
by clicking on the mail eating frog

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