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Welcome to basho-ki 2011

I humbly apologize for the three year absence. As you can see the basho-ki pages has a new home. hopefully one to stay! The 2008 page had been started, but never was uploaded since AOL deleted
all of its homepages and ftp space on Oct 31, 2008.
Due to grieving, illnesses and general depression, there were no pages for
2009 which was the death of dear friend, wonderful teacher and stanch defender
of 17 syllables or less haiku Helen S. Jones and 2010 we suffered the death of
Coke R. Brown Jr. a past Fort Worth Haiku Society newsletter editor.
This year, 2011, during April I started hitting the haiku ponds for frog verses,
and I think I have come up with an excellent catch.
I dedicate this years page not only to Master Basho, but to all the people of Japan.
"Our hearts are with you."


Westfir, Oregon

bug-eyed --
frog zaps prey
with sticky tongue

Barbara Blanks
Texas, USA

on his shelves
the leathery statue
of a dried frog


the rain-scented candle
shining from inside
the crystal frog


this drought
even the frogs
are waiting

Brenda Roberts
Fort Worth, TX

old pond . . .
the frog as still
as its lily pad

Bruce Ross
Hampden, Maine

Tree frog on window.
Indoor lights attract the bugs,
Suppertime is here.

Carol Ann

cheap motel:
all night long the cries
of mating frogs

Charles Trumbull
New Mexico, USA

losing my appetite
for frog legs --
first spring peeper

Curtis Dunlap

to write haiku
is to rephrase
the splash moment


tree-frog choir practice
in the sweet still of evening
harmonies rising


night as bright as day
stand in enchanted moonlight
listening to the frogs


quintessential spring
star above and frogs below
I smile in darkness


spring in surround-sound
a thousand throats swell with song
of nickel-sized frogs

Deirdre Godwin
Nanaimo, British Columbia,

one frog sings for his peeps... ponderous notes

Dennis (chibi) Holmes

Frog in quiet repose,
Loud buzzing fly passing nigh
Gets a tongue lashing

Dennis L McKiernan

frog-friendly pond
the garden Buddha
gets overgrown


lily pad’s flat leaves
frogs rest for a moment
then join the old pond


a busy pond
the frog stays still
through passing clouds


lotus flower
the frog’s focus
remains on bugs

Harvey Jenkins
Nanaimo, BC

Jan Benson
Texas, USA

desert oasis pond
frogs jump to hide
migrating cranes

Jim Applegate
Roswell, NM

Frolic keeps one young!
We learn games from each other.
Do frogs play leap-child?

Jody Lynn Nye
Chicago, Illinois

spring coolness --
the frog calls out to
the departing car


ripe field
full of moonlight
and frogs


evening park ...
the only cruisers;


stalking the old pond
in search of haiku poets
hungry bullywug


to the music of the night
frogs and crickets


easter morning --
a little girl screams
as the green egg hops


Fort Worth, TX

two frogs
resting on a lily pad

Kimberly Naik
Texas, USA

This pond hums and stirs
with lunch possibilities.
A fly draws nearer.

Lynn Lewis
Fort Worth, TX.

summer breeze—
the puddle-frog leaps
from the preschooler’s hand

Michael Dylan Welch
Sammamish, WA

Old frogs complaining
Mosquitoes swarm at nightlight
Time for midnight snack


Bullfrogs on alert
Impromptu water ballet
Alpha lightning strike

Naomi Simmons
Fort Worth, TX

Happy frog
Staring into green pond
Remembering his tail

Patricia Ferguson
Burleson, TX

Haiku invite
Basho's frog jumping
With joy

Paul Chaplo

not until
that frog's croak
this old pond

Gatineau, Quebec

Tiny, green, at rest
I wonder what is its quest?
Pretty tree-frog guest.

Piers Anthony
Inverness, Florida

wait with
you, frog, in the
soundless deep


a buddha,
the fly, chanting in
the frog's belly


hot summer . . .
the song of a
dead frog


teach me,
frog, the dao of

robert d. wilson
Republic of The Philippines

broad daylight ~
coupled on the humpback bridge
two common frogs

Sara Winteridge
The New Forest National Park,

Two eyes peer out
As frog chirps grace our cold ears
The harvest moon shines

Sarah Reckling

brushed by my moonshadow
the frog
leaps away

susan delphine delaney
Plano, TX

how rich this life -
a frog belches
then blinks

Susan Nelson Myers
Mayodan, NC,

clear through
the noon whistle
spring peepers

Tom Painting
Atlanta, GA

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