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Meet Clifford T. Roberts, author, artist, poet.  He is a vampire poet, a haiku poet, writer of fan fiction, and has his artwork appearing on the We Are All Japan haiku anthology benefiting and supporting the peoples of Japan after the tragic tsunami and radiation accident.  His art work has won the cover of the National Space Society of North Texas'  Mars anthology of poetry.  Cliff formed the Fort Worth Haiku Society in 2102 and ultimately closed it in 2015 (with a couple years haitus in between) 

After returning home to the Sherman and Denison Texas area in 2015.  Cliff decided to open a haiku society here in Texoma.  Our new group is Texoma Haiku Society. Our first office meeting was Feb 21, 2016 

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Cliff T. "kawazu" Roberts, founder of Fort Worth Haiku Society (now closed), Member of Haiku Society of America. Founder of Texoma Haiku Society, charter member of Texoma Poetry Society.

Coming soon: A new print edition of Vanyell Delacroix's In Another Vein by 

as well as a new edition of the Ebook format. Artwork used by permission: photographic artist is Lew "Viergacht" Delport

Art work used with permission.  Photographic artist: