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Welcome to basho-ki 2012

Konnichiwa Welcome to Basho-ki 2012 It has been 318 years since haiku master Matsuo Basho died.
Despite a new computer with a terabyte of space and
lost programs, my chest catheter getting infected,
being pulled out and starting to have to use my
arm for dialysis, then realizing I wasn't as far
along on finishing this Basho-ki page as I thought.
Here we are once again to honor master Matsuo
Basho and his "old pond" frog haiku with
frog haiku submitted by a wonderful array of poets.

Next year will be the 15th anniversary of the
Basho-ki pages, and if all goes well and as
intended, we will have several events going to
celebrate the occasion.

I hope you enjoy this year's selection.


Samba ..
Carmen Miranda's hat
fruit, flowers and a frog


mid-summer at
that old pond
I wish I were a frog


catching tadpoles
and crawfish...
my country home


playing Frogger
a computer generation
afraid of live frogs


old storyteller-
one frog begs come across
young frog says "too deep"


tiny kitten
noses bullfrog
then jump

Brenda Roberts
Samson Park, TX

old pond . . .
the dead frog's white belly
and my tears

Bruce Ross
Hampden, Maine

Bizarro World
the sound of a frog

Carlos Colón
Shreveport, LA.

(Haiku Elvis Facebook and Twitter pages – June 17, 2012)

One thought in three lines:
Five syllables; then seven;
Ends with five again.


The green Tree Frogs sit
Quietly waiting for flies.
Big Leopard Frogs croak.


The cute green tree frogs
On my bright kitchen window
Watch me do dishes.


Tree frog on palm frond
Under the eaves while it rains
Waiting for entrees.


Big frogs, tiny frogs,
Each in its window pane spot
Awaiting the moths.


The tree frogs abound
Hiding in the car door frame
Escaping midday sun.


Thought of you one day
Saw tree frogs on my window
Need to write a verse.

Carol Ann

frog jumped in my path
he must have wanted to play
so i sat with him


eager little frog
hopping all around the lake
looking for a friend


at play in the yard
little girl sees tiny frog
frog hurries away


little fly gets close
frogs tongue flies through the hot air
no more little fly

Celeste Thrower
Texas, USA

with one last quibble
frog vaults from the lily pad
no plans to return


head first in stork's beak
my only thought of dinner
is I might be his


our puddle-wriggles
tempt those most feared predators
small boys with glass jars

Chris Boldt

spring bayou frog spoken here

David G. Lanoue
New Orleans, LA.

the heron waits
at water's edge
a frog swims by

(Originally published with a heron photo as a haiga in Howard Kilby's Haiku Lines, Ouachita Life magazine, April 2011.)


tree frog
hides in Sunday bouquet...
lunch visitors

Dennise Aiello
Benton, Louisiana

the thrum of wetlands
frog holds its tongue
in the quiet


Mason jar
the pond sounds
are carried home

Harvey Jenkins
Nanaimo, BC

Amazon rain forest
tree-frog leaps
swoosh …

Jan Benson
Fort Worth, TX

frog jumps
into pond joining
five turtles

Jim Applegate
New Mexico, USA

even with nothing to hold onto floating frog

Jim Kacian
Winchester, Virginia

Cherish web-foot friends!
Like them, let rainy troubles
Roll right off your back.

Jody Lynn Nye
Chicago, Illinois

Tadpole, impatient,
Desperate to grow up—ah!
If only you knew.

Joel Derfner
New York, NY

The frog speaks
a Seer's language
tea leaf reading
Juliet Seer Pazera
New Orleans, LA.

from deep in its throat
ancestry recalled nightly
ripples on the pond


one with the other
frog and plant seamless
its scarlet tongue

June Rose Dowis
Shreveport, LA

(an emblematic haiku)


gardening day --
the toad staring up at me
from the compost pile


Ecuador --
finally a frog becomes
a prince


faery elevator
the bullfrog belches
a bubble


three wyrd sisters
eye of newt and
toe of frog


spring shower ... in the chimania frogs set up house
Samson Park, TX

floating lily pad
transparent wings hover
hungry frog leaps

Leta Leshe
Shreveport, LA.

from rice fields
summer night breeze with
frogs' lullaby


After the typhoon,
the Kanda River torrents.
Leaping frogs don't leap.

Michio Tajima
Tokyo, Japan

leaf litter
suitable for haiku
world’s smallest frog*

Nan Dozier
Shreveport, LA.

*Paedophryne amauensis 7mm (0.27 inches)

If you kiss a frog
Will it turn into a toad
Or will you do that?

Piers Anthony
Inverness, Florida

vernal pool
the swish
of tadpoles

Susan Delphine Delaney MD, MS
Plano, TX

Frog moon waiting night
for lake to jump in to frog
Reverse all logic!


how long waiting here?
all night long-this moon illumines
circles form-frog PLOP!


i was a moon once
full ,drunk on lily wine twice
i dreamed a frog PLOP!


i was that night frog
you saw me jump in to lake
i turned in to moon


Frog on our night moon
jumps in to our lily lake
becomes a haiku!


Frog Pond Lane off
Dripping Springs*

Thom The World Poet
Austin, TX

(*found haiku)

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