basho-ki 2008-->

basho-ki 2008
This is the 10th Anniversary of of Basho-ki pages.
We have a lot planned this year. Basho-ki haiku readings,
a contest and an anthology.

AmphibianArk has also declared this the Year Of The Frog!


moving grass
after summer rain
new crop of frogs


walking along small stream
frogs jump in
splash, splash, splash


full moon
cool wind blowing ripples
frog's splash


old wooden bucket
tadpoles swim around
after summer shower


dog barking
looking up from grass
huge brown toad

Jim Applegate

secretions are the slipperiness of skin

Coke Brown Jr.

tree-frog choir practice
in the sweet still of evening
harmonies rising

Deirdre Godwin

lions and lambs?
this March again we wait
for spring peepers

William J. Higginson

pond ripples
frogís bass croak
within scale


morning warmth
a tadpole swims past
lily pads


pondís edge
a frog decides
to make the jump


dawn breaks
pond grows quiet
after a loud night of song


ice rimmed pond
one mallard and I
hear frog sounds

Harvey Jenkins

interrupted concert
first croaks this spring
still without reply

Maria Kowal

Fly eaters with their
skinny legs. The French eat them
But no-one I know

Rick Lupert

Robert John Mestre

Basho's frog-
we listen to its sound's echo...
the echo of echo

Vasile Moldovan

little frogs leap
concentric cirlces


Top hat and cane
strutting step
Hello!, ma baby...

J. Morgan Neal

eyes closed
the frogs sing louder
a distant train answers


sitting on a fresh dirt mound
a bull frog and


on the river bank
we bait two cane poles
grandpa said frogs talk

the big one says "come across"
the little ones say "too deep"


leaping into the bayou
cajun frog
or was that an alligator?


rain puddles
neighborhood kids
play leap frog


the sound of a frog
from beneath her desk
---- colcannon afterglow


Tribute to Arthur Roberts
new wooden deck
even the frogs ask
where he has gone

Brenda Roberts

early spring
I plant a frog pond
to havest haiku


empty house
frogs sing a dirge
for my father


bending under
the weight of the rain
the frog joins the pond


earth hour--
in the darkness
frog song


frog-faced Heqt
sings for spring's return
rain on the Nile


second plague--
frogs in the
bread ovens


biology class
the teen witch refuses
to dissect a frog


the choir boy
croaks like a frog


the cat plays
with the rubber frogs--
outside a toad croaks


japanese garden
the toad burps
like her husband


dirt road moon
frogs we gigged
heavy in the bag

Dave Russo

he is an old soul
he gives his wisdom in song
the frog on the log


he calls forth the rains
that cleanses earth and soul
he is walosi

(Cherokee for frog)

White Wolf

near dusk--
a tadpole surfacing
bursts the moon

Paul O. Williams
First Place Winner
March 2008 Shiki Kukai
"any spring" Kigo

forced to choose -
migrating toads


the toad who lives
in the privy


we jump together
the frog and I

Sara Winteridge

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