basho-ki 2005-->

basho-ki 2005


marsh frogs mimic
a march.

ai... chibi

Our pool is too cool
It has returned to nature
Now the frogs love it.

Piers Anthony

Gum wads on windows
Chasing bugs brought by lamplight
The tree frog buffet.

Carol Ann

kite aloft
a very small frog
sees the world

* * *

a marsh—
two seconds of frogs
as I drive by

Dave Bacharach

yellow and white
eater of flesh
African ribbit

* * *

woven cord
on brockade cloth
frog buttons

Anthony DeGroat

quiet house again
croaking from the sink
my niece's frog

* * *

leftover pumpkin pie
my niece's frog
sticks out its tongue

Marlene Egger
HSA 2005 2nd Vice President

in the mist
from behind the tall reeds
a croak of pleasure


.. .. .. from the tallest iris
.. .. .. he partakes of the sunset
.. .. .. the tiny frog
* * *

the sound
of one hand clapping
a dead mosquito

While I was having my bout with the enemy, little Haiku-kun
(my kitten) had his encounter with one of Karls children
(Karl is the general name of our large mini-tiny Frog-Family,
you can see one of his brothers in the picture above).
the sound
of one paw tapping
a dead frog
* * *

frog concert
prelude to the next
cycle of life


Praeludium zum naechsten

More Gabi frog-ku
Gabi Greve

too slow for cars
poor frog lies dead
a yard from the pond

* * *

a frog in the ocean
how I feel
at the poetry seminar

* * *

frogs and cattails
the ecosystem
of river memories

Helen Jones
FWHS 2004/2005 Vice-President

dog sniffing the grass
a frog jumps
so does the dog

* * *

novelty boxers --
the frog's tongue
poking out

* * *

Halloween --
witch's toad on a


Lake Ouachita frogs
"I wish I had a tape recorder," I say.
"why?" my cousin asks.

Howard Kilby

Frogs! Today the Pond!
Tomorrow the World!
I think they eat Ray Milland...

John Neal

my new pond
no frogs

Moira Richards

someday you'll be

* * *

poison darts
another death day

Brenda Roberts
FWHS 2004/2005 President

cumulous frog
leaps over the top
of the mountain

Helen Ruggieri

Morning dew
sparklettes wart on frog

Beth Russell

pond ripples
a frog glides down
through the water

Vaughn Seward

again and again
hopping stiff legged with a frog
the white kitten

Johnye Strickland

clinging to a swamped lilly--
his loud croak

* * *

croaking contest-
big ruckus in the frog pond
as the sun goes down

Anthony Taber

frog stomps
his pad
gets wet

* * *

red frog
black spots
impish doxy

* * *

froggy nights
gazillion twisting bells
arise in swamp mist

More Susan frog-ku

Susan Vogal Taylor

Frog jumps
Lily pad to lily pad
Splash missed

* * *

Iron frog
props my open door

* * *

green on green
Frog amid the lily pads
Awaits the fly

Peter Webber

a horny frog
singing, come and see me
come and see me

* * *

autumn dusk---
the sound of frogs
making love

robert wilson

zapping a fly . . .
the frog
in the snake's mouth

* * *

the baritone
bull frog
in concert . . .

* * *

tuning up . . .
the frog family


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