basho-ki 2004-->

basho-ki 2004


dawn . . .
the croak from one frog
starts a round


winter silence
one frog

ash of moth

summer night
a kawazu perched by the pond
jumps over himself

Don Baird

smell of burning leaves.

the frog caught

in my throat

Randy Brooks

There's this frog (you dig?)
and this "sorta" cool old pond --

* * *

haiku fisherman
listening for frogs
at Basho's pond

* * *

Basho's pond -
haijins chase frogs
for bait

Owen Burkhart

spring peepers ~
sounds rebound from
wet pebbles


suburban morning
traffic surges through sound's pond
can't hear a frog jump

* * *

a frog jumps in--
frog legs!

Marlene Egger
(HSA Southwest Region co-ordinator)

the last piece of wood
stacked neatly with the others
a frog sits naked

Duncan Mac Laurin

Caught the frog
that lectured last night
outside my bedroom window.

Michael Moore

old pond
its croak

Pamela Miller Ness
(HSA 2nd Vice President)

clear through
the noon whistle
spring peepers

Tom Painting
(HSA 2nd Vice President)

honoring basho-ki
listening to frog song --
one gray heron

Brenda Roberts
(FWHS Treasurer)

Beside the stream
A drunken frog belched
Breaking icicles.

* * *

An old priest
Still breathing, just so.
Wind frogs, ah!

* * *

I slept well
When allowed time.
Go away white frogs.
Rev Tasogare Shinju

night walk
along the riverbank
frogs joking

Carmen Sterba
(PP: Asahi Haikuist Network, 1999)

croaking frog--
my first night
visiting this house


Rivers going by
Bees are blurting out buzz, buzz
Frogs jumping by day

Glenn Todd
(14 years old - Houston Texas)

field trip
the children spot a frog
under teacher's boot

Jennie Townsend

if a frog jumps and
no haiku poet is there,
does it make a sound?

Charles Trumbull
(HSA President)

Frogs are animals
Splash, jump, slimy, gross, jumpy
Are cool animals

Josue Vasquez
(14 years old - Houston Texas)

hoeing the garden--
a dried frog
broken in two

Michael Dylan Welch
(HSA 1st Vice President)

green spring lillypad
empty within round ripples
frog dives for treasure

* * *

frog flies free from earth
finds bright home in summer sky
green constellation

* * *

white frog hops on cloud
hide and seek with autumn wind
sky gives him away

* * *

frog reels after tongue
stuck pink to cold winter food
even flies frozen

* * *

haiku frog so tired
leaping through every season
longing just for rest

Robert Wynne

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