basho-ki 2001 - Mrs. Jones Class

basho-ki 2001

(The image below was designed by Joseph Adler and Alan Denton. Copyright 1995, 1996 Instinct Corporation, used with permission. From the Magic Theater Homepage! )

Mrs. Helen S. Jones
10TH Grade Reading Class
Paschal High School, Fort Worth, Texas
March 1, 2003


Hey ribbit ribbit
Chubby green critters can blow
And chill at the pod

Tim Adams
(Mrs. Jones assistant)

I'm green and spotted
I eat bugs until I'm fat
Then I hop away

Floymeki Cambell

Frogs leap through the night
Jumping from each pod to pod
To meet other frogs

Abrahm Escobar

The frog ate a fly
The frog spit the fly back out
It tasted nasty

Robert Felton

The frog is scary
His eyes bulge out of his head
He croaks loud and long

Victor Gomez

The colorful frogs
Breaking the quiet dark night
With their great songs

Fabian Lopez

The frog hoped so far
That she left her baby toad
On the grassy pond

Juan Lopez

The little green frog
Sings the whole night through
Telling it's raining

Juan Palos

Frog in search of home
Knowing that it's there somewhere
Bound to find it soon

Luis Perez

There was a green frog
Who wanted to eat a fly
But the fly was fast

Josue Rangal

Green means time to jump
Yellow goldfish block his way
Re tongue lashes out


Frog, don't announce rain!
Instead tell me my lost love
is getting closer


Kick in and out
That's the way to get through life
in a liquid world

Mrs. Helen Jones

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