basho-ki 2000

basho-ki 2000


green webbing between
his eighteen toes propellant
for the swimming frog


the frog sleeps with his
bulging eyes open
what is he watching?


frogular poems
from haiku to haibun and
back along the way


cat tails caress the
night sky and the frog shadows
catch the waving grass


pelican's bill-bag
flopping and frantic inside
swallow the damned frog!


frog belly
slapping the ground
splat splat splat


Today was long and hard. My sister's girls won't
behave. Why have I come here to be their foster
parent? I give them their bedtime kisses and I
pray they sleep. I leave the house and stroll
quickly through grass, as tall as my knee, and the
trailer house sits farther and farther away, alone
in the moonlight, squares of yellow on its dark
surface, nothing for hundreds of yards around but
grass and a few stunted mesquites. The cows'
drinking pond reflects lunar light, and ripples
gently with the occasional frog and snake.

stop your croaking sounds
I have been angry and I
want to be alone.



Green knit fabric frog
Lying with a grown child, and
Comforting to sleep.

Coke Brown Jr.

Frog song plays in my memory as I journey to revisit
my childhood. Dusty country roads fog with rising mist
from pasture ponds.

Shadow bovine lows
hay bales stage frog concerts
"too deep" grandpa said


(african clawtoed frog)

Standing tiptoe
Arms outstretched
Sleeping in suspended motion


It could have just been chance that made me turn down
this seldom traveled road or it could have been the
gods. It is certainly a place that gods would come.
The utter peace of sunlit footpaths and twittering
birds caressed my sleeping heart. Distant sounds of
dripping water and the deep resonance of frogs drew
me nearer.

tadpoles playing tag
cascading over old stones
frogs rain upon pond


frog's tongue seeks insects
buzzing disappears from air
mosquito, fly, bee

Brenda Roberts

green ceramic frog
sticking out scouring pad
tongue above dishes


another pond,
another frog, another sound


sleeping froggy, crusified
on water cross


grey clouds
singing froggy


from song, Tori sings:
"I think I'll call him Jethro"
new frog now has name


real frog smaller
than eye of tiffany frog
smaller than his name


plastic and plush frogs
keep croaking CD source sounds
real frog is silent


he leaps and he hops
he's a short and fat toadie
Magneto's henchman

the movie version lost weight
but gained a long wicked tongue


walking through this house
there is not one single room
without some frog there


African claw toe
in balanced eco-system
but he seldom sings


swim left, right, up, down
but only six inches
at a time


I worry about
Jethro, captive in sealed cube
I go run errands


Spring dawn approaches
and the sleeping frogs mumble
amphibian dreams

Cliff T. Roberts

The lilly pad shines
with the frogs inner goodness
why can't the world see


Far from the pond's edge
a frog hops on broken reeds
looking for his mate


croaking melodies
camouflage my childhood
sweet memories

Helen S. Jones

Wet songs echos
silken belly swells
Love beckons


April eyes float
Feet dangle
A snake sees.


The mantis watches
With his green, appraising eye
Nature's matre'd.


A sky of petals
A world above with tadpoles
Watchful, golden eyes.

John Brooks

Tadpoles swim quickly
Birds hopping at waters edge
A yummy tasty treat


After Basho

Autumn -
even the birds
and clouds look old.


Spring -
windfall ghosts
dissolve to green.


Frogs find old ponds,
the moon chokes on smoke,
poet questions:
Does he have the nerve
to follow Basho?

Gary Blankenship

on a lily pad
a princely frog sat sunning
spinsters came running

Ruth Savage

gill breathing pauses
leaping from reality
in polliwog dreams

Susie Hamilton LaForge

Frog steals center stage
Waves whisper, "Encore, Encore"
Happy Basho Day

Naomi Simmons

green, spotted, eyes bulge
still all is not what it seems
kiss a miss princely frog

Dennis Smith

Slippery Slimy Froggy

Can Cause warts ya know

Licking Toads is much better

J. Morgan Neal

green amphibian
leaping the distance of myth
give the prince a kiss

Leona Welch

When it gets too hot
Like a frog on a lit stove
Finally, I'll jump

Stacy Reynolds

Green is skin so slick
Toads croak in brown jealousy
Interspecies love

Debra Porter

request for haiku
still sitting in my mailbox --
better hop to it

Bridget Rose Duquette

I awake
the silence broken
a frog's voice

James M. Thompson

frog leaps in poem
splashing through a leafy pond
I buy a big gun

Brian Brennan

not seeing the frog until that blink
To Dr Bill

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