basho-ki 1998

basho-ki 1998


green striped frog so patient on rock waits for lunch Wyndnwyre

Green and limber legs Breaded and pepper-seasoned Delicious fried frog.


canvas lilly-pad water creates indoor pond frog song surrounds me.


lilies now showing surface aglow in color rippling from frogs leap


talking to a frog philosophy doesn't pay wow what would Sarte say sad song waters edge willow weeps deep verdant tears green tree frog sings blues


Gray stone frog sits still watching a winters birdbath. No birds are swimming.


Coke Friend Green Froggies Babs too


Two Left Feet hip-hop dancin' frog cool daddy pond gigolo, don't trip on the rug!


waterfall playground frogs frolic in sprays of mist dawn springs and glistens


Ritual rhetoric Male frog swells Mate joins syncopation Oak branch supports Treefrog's suckling grip Colors unite Toadstool pillow Leapfrog play Tiny toes cling C.E. Goulden

young tadpoles swarming ripples in a summer pond high tides of black ink


The frog kissed the rain, imagined them rose-bud lips, in Fall's early morn.


Some kissed frogs become a prince. Why do all the frogs I kiss, remain frogs? I was a frog He was a frog. We kissed. He became a prince.


Baritone singer perched on edge of midnight pond giant leap for frogs


hot and sultry day cool water dries on frog's back a thankful croaking

NOVL Teque

breastless, pale, woman spring marriage, swampsore castle kissing frogs reward

J. Rod Pannek

A HAIKU IN THE FRENCH STYLE Frog's legs taste better when eaten to the soundtrack of crunching haiku! rainforest burnt down frogs,evicted from swamplands concrete garden spies frog sits in pond avoiding Basho! in the waterbed of night frogs!

thom the world poet

frogs are chewier wrapped in bazooka bubble gum inside rubber when you see that frog tell him he still owes me ten dollars and his life I seek only a petite baggage-free snake girl said the lonely frog to the frog world he spoke, revealing slime truth and insect recipes

Diane Fleming

Dancing Frog Moon rises. Blushing frog dances in delight.

Linda Ross

a Texas frog haiku: humid Houston frogs sing quite loudly from the trees; who needs an old pond?

Tom Bickley

The frog's voice rings clear When the moon lies behind clouds Waiting for the rain...............


One frog, two frogs, three, my God! Four frogs in the pond. It must be autumn.

Vilvalex Calice

Communal Shower I strip and join my frog brothers in their joyful homage to the rain.

Christopher S. Soden

My child’s fingers cling; The cool, slick body squirms, springs, Joyous, muddy, free.

Leslie GS

summer serenade crickets rub chirping forewings frog plays rhythm bass


Ice blanket on pond Spring's breathe scattering stillness Frog songs erupting


frog's lonely voice deflowering silence from primordial ooze

quarter admission to small boy's zoo exhibit-- lone frog in box
spring comes on the webbed toes of little frogs singing in the noonday shower happy frog
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